Data Updates

The data in NEM-Review (sourced from the AEMO and a range of other publishers) is delivered to you through our update process.

Every morning NEM-Review automatically downloads trading data for the previous day, to a database on your local office network. Your database is also synchronized with our servers, to automatically update new generator units and other unscheduled changes.

When you’re in the office you’ll have access to this up-to-date database for data analysis. There may be times when you need to continue your work outside of the office, so NEM-Review has alternative data sources to suit any environment.

On those long plane flights, or at other times when you don’t have access to the internet, you can use a portable database to continue your analysis.
From your hotel room, while you’re travelling away on business, NEM-Review can connect directly to the Web Database for up-to-date data (as long as you’re on the Internet).

The Web Database also makes it extra quick to start a NEM-Review trial. You can be analysing NEM data in less than 5 minutes.