Data Cleansing

In order to ensure that the database we supply is of the highest integrity, we invested many person-weeks into the checking and verification of our record of NEM history and, in the cases where we had small holes in our database (mainly in the early years of the NEM) we progressively worked from source files from NEMMCO/AEMO to fill these.

Hence we’re confident that our record is as complete and correct as is possible with source files obtained from the AEMO Market-Net CSV data feed.

In the cleansing process we located some gaps in the original AEMO data. As the correct values are not available, these gaps will also exist in the NEM-Review database. We've put together a complete list of gaps here, which we will update as we continue to check data in the future.

This process has been further detailed in this post on the portal, for those who are interested in the details.