How to Upgrade from a Trial to a Commercial Licence

If you've been trialling NEM-Review and have just purchased a full 365-day licence to NEM-Review, follow these steps to set up your new licence.

If you do not have a commercial licence yet, click here to purchase a NEM-Review licence.

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Activate your Analysis Client Licence

Activate Analysis Client

Activate your newly purchased NEM-Review Analysis Client licence. If you do not have the Analysis Client installed, see installing a new commercial licence from scratch.

Web Database or Network Database?

How NEM-Review fits in to your network

The diagram on the left shows how the components of NEM-Review can be set up on your network.

If you were previously using the Web Database for your NEM-Review trial, you can continue to do so with your new commercial licence. If you choose this option, your upgrade is now complete and you can now analyse the complete historical database. Find out more about how to use NEM-Review.

If you have been using a local Network Database with your trial, or if you would like to have an automatically updated database on your local network, follow the instructions below to set up the Update Server.

Set Up the Update Server


Step 1. Download the NEM-Review Update Server Installer

Download the latest version of the installer for the NEM-Review Update Server.


Step 2. Install the NEM-Review Update Server

Run the install file downloaded in Step 1 and follow the screens.

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, to run the installer you must right click the file and select "Run As Administrator".


Step 3. Activate the NEM-Review Update Server

Once the installation is complete, run the Update Server from the icon on your desktop or start menu, or by ticking the "Launch NEM-Review Updater" box at the end of the installer in Step 2.

Follow these instructions to activate your licence.

Configure Update Server

Step 4. Configure the Database for your Update Server

Once your licence is activated, follow these instructions to download a new local database.

Configure Analysis Client

Step 5. Configure your Analysis Client to use the New Database

Once your new database is downloaded, follow these instructions to configure your NEM-Review Analysis Client to connect to it.

Step 6. Enjoy!

You are now upgraded to your new commercial licence. Click here to find out more about how to use NEM-Review.