Configure Update Server

Step 1 = Connect to a database

Once the Updater is up and running, it will ask you to choose either of two options for your database:

Option 1 – Existing Database

If you have previously run the Updater, choose this option.

Note: NEM-Review v6.2.x cannot connect to a v6.1.x or v5 database. If you do not have a v6.2.x database, choose option 2.

To connect to an existing NEM-Review database on your local network, under Option 1 click browse, navigate to your database and click OK.

If access to the database is restricted, a login sreen may appear.

Enter your windows logon (including the domain, e.g. domain\username) and password, and click OK.


Option 2 – Download New Database

If you have not run the Updater before, choose this option.

To download a new database, under Option 2 click download.

Browse to a location to save the NEM-Review database and click download.

You will be informed when the download is complete. Click close to finish.

Step 2 = Automatic update settings

Once the local database is connected, you'll be prompted to set your automatic update settings. The default settings are recommended. Click Save your settings to complete the Update Server configuration.

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