Managing NEM-Reports Subscriptions

Managing Your NEM-Reports Subscriptions

You can manage your subscriptions to NEM-Reports in two ways; through the NEM-Review Client application, or through the NEM-Reports website.

Through NEM-Review

From the menu bar, open Tools > NEM-Reports.

Log in with your GR-ID account.

If your NEM-Reports subscriptions have not been used yet, your NEM-Reports screen will look something like this:

To start using your NEM-Reports subscriptions, click Start Subscription, select the subscriptions you want to use, and click Start Licences.

To add new contacts to receive NEM-Reports, click Add Contact, enter the contact's details and click Add Contact.

To sign contacts up to receive reports from your subscriptions, check the appropriate boxes in the table.

Through the NEM-Reports Website

Visit the management console on the NEM-Reports website at and log in using your GR-ID account.

See the NEM-Reports site for more instructions.