Manual Data Updates

At any time you can choose to perform a manual update using the NEM-Review updater. You may be instructed to do so after contacting Global-Roam support. The following methods of performing updates are available:

Simple Update

Simple updates perform the same function as an automatic update does every hour. You can use these updates rather than automatic updates if you do not use NEM-Review on a regular basis (i.e. it will run database updates, and synchronise the key data as well as update the NEM Data in the database).

You can start a simple update from the bottom section of the NEM-Review Updater user interface:

Advanced Update

Using advanced updates you can choose to update any history in the NEM-Review database. You can update all tables, or specific tables, from a given time period:

Advanced updates will only update NEM-Data. They will not perform database updates or synchronise your key information (i.e. unit information).