Automatic Data Updates

When you first set up the NEM-Review updater you'll be given the option to enable automatic updates (this is also the default option). When using automatic updates the NEM-Review updater will check with our servers every hour for new data, and insert this into the network database.

You also have the option of turning on or off automatic updates from the Auto-Updates tab.

What the updater does every hour

Each hour the updater will perform the following actions:

  1. It will run any new database updates (special changes to the format or data in the database). These are released on an intermittent basis.
  2. It will synchronise the key information with what is available on our servers (i.e. unit information). This data is updated on an intermittent basis.
  3. It will check if new NEM data is available, and fill it into the database. New data becomes available every morning.

How to tell that the database is updating

The updater uses a read and write connection to talk to the access database, as such the access database will update its last modified date even if no data in the database was changed.

Thus, in order to tell when data is available until you need to check the "Date" column of the first row in the MostRecentDate table of the database. If you open the user interface for the updater, it will also alert you when data is available for.