How to Upgrade from v5 to v6.2

All NEM-Review users must upgrade to v6.2 as we will be switching off all previous versions on 31st August.

If you currently have NEM-Review v5 installed, follow these instructions to upgrade to the new NEM-Review v6.2.

1.     Uninstall NEM-Review v5

To upgrade from NEM-Review v5 to NEM-Review v6.2, it is not necessary to uninstall v5. V5 and v6 are completely independent programs and will run happily side by side on the same computer.

However, as we’ll be turning v5 off shortly, we suggest that you first uninstall v5 to keep your PC neat and avoid confusion.

All copies of NEM-Review v5 should be uninstalled from all computers on your network.

  1. Open Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
  2. Find NEM-Review V5 and click Remove
  3. If you wish, you can delete any remaining NEM-Review V5 databases on your network. V5 databases cannot be used with NEM-Review v6, and removing them may avoid confusion.The v6 database has undergone significant data cleansing, and is more comprehensive than previous versions.

2.     Download the v6.2 Installer

The NEM-Review 6 installer is split into two parts – the Analysis Client and the Updater. Only the Analysis Client is needed to get started, but the Updater will create a local database which can be accessed by multiple Analysis Clients and make queries faster.

Download the Analysis Client installer here

Download the Update Server installer here

3.     Install the Updater

If you want to get NEM-Review up and running quickly, you can skip the installation of the Updater and connect your Analysis Client directly to our web database. If this is the case, skip straight to Install the Analysis Client.

If you want a local database maintained on your network, that all Analysis Clients can connect to for quick data retrieval, you will need to install an Updater.

We recommend installing the Updater on a computer that is always on so it can automatically download data into your NEM-Review database.

Follow these instructions to install the Updater.

4.     Configure the Updater

The first time the Updater is run you will need to activate a licence, set up a database and configure any proxy settings.

NEM-Review v6 is not compatible with v5 databases. As this is the first time you’ve installed v6, you will need to download a new database when prompted by the Updater.

Follow these instructions to configure the Updater.

5.     Install the Analysis Client

You need to install one Analysis Client on the PC of each user that wishes to analyse the NEM-Review data.

Follow these instructions to install the Analysis Client.

6.     Configure the Analysis Client

When you first run the Analysis Client you will need to activate a licence, connect to database, and configure any proxy settings.

Follow these instructions to configure the Analysis Client.

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