The Iterative Development of NEM-Review 6

NEM-Review 6 is finally released!

In 2008 we began the process of developing NEM-Review 6. This was a substantial upgrade from NEM-Review 5, redesigned from the ground up and built on a new, more powerful framework.

We adopted an iterative approach to developing v6. Every 1-2 months a new version (6.x.x) was released with new features, ready to be tested. This allowed NEM-Review users to try out the new software and give us their feedback so we could make any changes needed straight away.

The result is a new version of NEM-Review that works the way our users want it to work.

The Upgrade Process to Date

Date Version Discussion
Mid 2008 We began development on NEM-Review 6.
2008-2009 v6.0.x As features began to take shape we made periodic internal releases. These early releases were tested internally, and occasionally used to create posts for our industry commentary blog
30th July 2009 v6.1.0 We released v6.1.0 and (in order to begin the feedback process) worked manually with a small number of clients to start them testing out this “early release” version.
2nd September 2009 v6.1.1 Version 6.1.1 was released.

Core improvements over v6.1.0 have included:
1)   Support for Vista
2)   The product is now formally licensable (in order that we can replicate the licences of those clients using v5 - and in case there are people who want to start using the Gold Model straight away, though that was not the primary focus at the time)
3)   A significant number of bug fixes;
4)   Where we have had time, we have also incorporated suggestions submitted by clients testing our v6.1.0.

9th November 2009 v6.1.2 Version 6.1.2 was released.

This incremental upgrade represented mainly a significant number of bug fixes, which we had either found or had been identified to us by clients who had taken advantage of the opportunity to give 6.1.1 or 6.1.0 a test drive

14th December 2009 v6.1.3 Version 6.1.3 was released.

The main focus of the increment to 6.1.3 was the inclusion of internet-database functionality.

With this functionality in place, you are still able to use NEM-Review to perform a range of calculations straight after installation (even before you have set your own copy of the updater on your own local network).   This will mean you are up to speed faster.

Furthermore, during this update we checked that the approach NEM-Review takes in performing calculations with each different type of data set (both derived and published) is logical.

Different datasets calculations in v6 need to be executed in different ways. We spent some time to verify the rigor of our calculation methods.

7th January 2010 v6.1.4 Version 6.1.4 was released.

This update included two new features:
1) An easily browsable catalogue of generator information (that is used as the source for calculating the derived values of some data sets)
2) Definitions of datasets which are displayed when selecting data – to make it easier for you to select the right data

Furthermore, improvements were made to improve the performance of the updater.

15th January 2010 v6.1.5 Version 6.1.5 was released.

This update was focused on the charts and tables generated through your analysis. Improvements were made to the client to make the formatting and presentation of charts as user-friendly as possible (i.e. with the goal being report-ready, right from button-click).

We also added the ability for the NEM-Review client to automatically search for databases on your network, to make setting up easier.

29th January 2010 v6.1.6 Version 6.1.6 was released.

This update was focused on improving the user interface and making the software as easy to use as possible. The new changes have made it easier to set up NEM-Review, select the data you want and control the analysis.

26th March 2010 v6.1.7 Version 6.1.7 was released.

This update was focused on the new NEM-Review portal.

Now that we had completed the major work of reconfiguring the user interface to the software, we were able to begin work on updating the portal to reflect all these changes. Additional time was dedicated to fixing bugs that were previously found by our beta testers and the development team.

14th April 2010 V6.1.8 Version 6.1.8 was released.

This update was focused on fixing bugs and tweaking some functionality to make the software more user-friendly.

We also added the ability to aggregate data by “everything” – to allow easy calculation of the total, max, mean, etc. of all data selected.

23rd April 2010 v6.1.9 The releases leading up to the final version have consisted primarily of data cleansing, bug fixing and additional reliability and usability enhancements. These releases were mainly used internally.

We’ve dedicated a substantial amount of time to finding and repairing any errors and omissions in the data in v6. As the data received from the AEMO contains some holes, we’ll be compiling a list of known gaps, so everyone understands the limits of our datasets. Watch this news section for updates.

3rd June 2010 v6.1.10
17th June 2010 v6.1.11
1st July 2010 v6.1.12
12th July 2010 v6.2.0 Version 6.2.0 is released.

Now that we’ve reached this stable release we will be requiring all existing licensees to upgrade from v5 and v6.1.x (existing licensees are upgraded at no charge, and as a standard part of their annual licence).

We’ll be turning off the v5 and v6.1.x services on August 31st, to ensure our attention for support can be directed at a single version.

Continuing development into the future

Now that NEM-Review 6 is stable and ready to be used by everyone, we’re starting to plan out v7 – the next big upgrade. If there’s something you want to see in NEM-Review 7, let us know and we’ll do our best to include it.

Although NEM-Review 6 has been thoroughly tested by both our developers and users, there’s always a chance that some bugs have slipped through. If you find anything wrong with v6, please let us know about it. If there are any major issues we will release a new version (6.2.x) that fixes these problems.

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