New Tips and Information on the NEM-Review Portal

Since the release of NEM-Review v6 in July we’ve been continuously adding new information to the portal. We’ve expanded the section on “What is NEM-Review?” to help those new to NEM-Review understand the value they can gain from the software, and  developed the “How to Use NEM-Review?” section to help existing NEM-Reviewers get the most value from their licence.

Here is an overview of all the new info we’ve added under these sections – we hope you find it useful.

What is NEM-Review?

We’ve added many new pages to the ‘What is NEM-Review?‘ section to show how you can use NEM-Review’s analytical capabilities to benefit your business.

Show me what NEM-Review is
An illustrated overview of NEM-Review highlighting the main features of the software, and showing how it fits into your organisation.

People like me who enjoy NEM-Review
Case studies on how a broad range of different participant types in the NEM use and benefit from the software. 

The details about NEM-Review
A complete and thorough explanation of all the tools and capabilities of the software, including the data, how data is updated, and the options available for analysing this data – with the end result provided in CSV, graphs or tables.

How to Use NEM-Review?

We’ve also spent some time fleshing out the information on how to use NEM-Review. In particular, we’ve added a number of detailed step-by-step guides to the section on ‘getting the most from your licence‘ and plenty of additional information to ensure you understand the data and tools available.

NEM-Review News

We will continue to add new information about NEM-Review to the portal in the future. When we do so we’ll update this news section of the site to let you know – sign up to recieve updates via email or RSS.

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