What’s New and Improved in NEM-Review v6?

We’ve compiled this list to give you a better idea of the additions and enhancements we’ve made to NEM-Review v6, and how they can help you in your analysis of historical NEM data.


New Datasets to Analyse

In NEM-Review v6 we’ve added several new datasets that can be used in any queries. So you have access to even more data without needing to download it yourself from other sources, or do manual calculations in Excel.

New to NEM-Review Bronze

  • Regional available generation
  • Regional percentage of generation used
    (demand / available generation)
New to NEM-Review Silver

  • Regional surplus generatiom
    (available generation – demand)
  • Generator output (sent out)
    (output minus auxiliary energy used on-site)
  • Generator output (at the node)
    (output referenced to the Regional Reference Node)
  • Generator unused capacity
    (available generation – output)
  • Generator spot revenue
    (generation (at the node) x spot price)
  • Generator energy use
    (in Joules of energy, for thermal plant)
  • Generator coal burnt
    (in tonnes of coal, for coal-fired plant)
  • Generator CO2 emissions
    (in tonnes of CO2, utilising station-specific emissions factors from the public domain)
  • Interconnector North/West flow
    (exported power)
  • Interconnector South/East flow
    (imported power)

For the full list of datasets in each model of NEM-Review v6, see our NEM-Review model comparison.

Extensive Data Cleansing

We’ve devoted a significant amount of time to data cleansing to ensure that the data provided by NEM-Review 6 is as complete and correct as possible.

With v6 you can perform analysis that will drive important decisions, in the knowledge that the data has been thoroughly tested.

As the data received from the AEMO contains some holes, we’ll be compiling a list of these known gaps so everyone understands the limits of our datasets. Watch this news section for more information.

Catalogue of Generator Information

In NEM-Review 6 you’ll find various facts about generators collected in the Generator Catalogue. It’s easy to browse or search through, so you don’t have to open any other websites or documents to look up information about generators.

The catalogue lists, for each generator:

  • Generation technology and fuel type
  • Bidders, owners and traders
  • Emissions factors, loss factors and auxilliary factors (used to calculate some datasets)
  • And more…

Data Updates

Improved Data Updater

The core data update process now runs as a service, so the updates will flow through to your database much easier than before.

This means new data is available when you need it and you don’t have to waste time with manual updates.

Get Up-to-Date Data via the Web

We’ve added the option of connecting NEM-Review directly to a web database that we keep up to date for you.

With the web database as backup you’ll always have access to data, even when your local database is not available.

And if you need to get NEM-Review up and running quickly, just connect your NEM-Review Analysis Client to the web database – no need to install and configure the updater.

New Generators Automatically Updated

Information about new generator units (and other special data) is now automatically downloaded to your database along with regular data updates.

You don’t need to waste any more time manually re-downloading your database to get this new information. NEM-Review takes care of it seamlessly for you, so you can stay focused on your analysis.

Set up Your Network Your Way

In NEM-Review 6 the program has been split up into two completely separate parts, the Analysis Client and the Updater, which can be installed on different computers.

This gives you the flexibility to set up NEM-Review the way that suits your organisation. No need to leave your personal computer on 24/7 for automatic updates (unless you want to). And you can connect as many Analysis Clients as you like to a single database, for both Bronze and Silver.

For more information, see this overview of how NEM-Review v6 works.

Analytical Capability

New and Improved Ways to Graph Data

NEM-Review Silver Only

In addition to an enhanced ability to trend any number of datasets over a single timeframe (in a trending graph), we’ve added in 3 new types of graphs to expand your analysis options.

Compare trends over multiple time frames for a single dataset with a chronological subseries graph Plot any two datasets against each other to see their relationship with a scatter graph Show how the samples in a dataset are distributed over a range of value bands with a distribution graph

With these new graph types you have more options for presenting your analysis in a way that’s easy for you and your colleagues to understand, draw conclusions and make decisions.

More Options for Querying Data

In NEM-Review 6 we’ve magnifed your ability to analyse any of the NEM-Review data (including the derived data) with more options for selecting and calculating data.

  • In addition to the daily, weekly, monthly (etc) resolutions in v5, you can summarise data to day-of-week, month-of-year, or everything (to calculate a single value from all selected data).
  • In addition to the total, mean, max and min aggregations in v5, you can now also calculate median values. Combine any resolution (daily, weekly…) with any aggregation (total, mean…) for a multitude of query options.
  • You can now easily select peak or off-peak times. You can also negate your custom date selections, opening up range of possibilities for limiting the date and time of your queries.
  • We’ve enhanced the generator grouping system, so you can summarise generator data by any attributes (fuel type, owner, region…). This powerful tool can save you hours of work.

These new tools make it even easier to extract the precise data you are interested in, at the level of detail required to answer your specific questions. NEM-Review does the work for you, so you don’t need to spend hours manually filtering or summarising data.

Easier to Use Analysis Tools

We’ve added a variety of enhancements and new tools to make your job analyzing data much easier.

  • Select data over the last n days, weeks, months or years
  • The new dataset selector is much more visible and logically organised, so it’s much easier to find and select data to analyse
  • Pointing to a dataset shows the definition of the dataset, so you don’t need to remember it or look it up
  • The new interface makes it just as easy to edit existing graphs as it is to create them for the first time
  • Plus a variety of other conveniences just a click away – show/hide legends or individual data series, stack graph series, use a logarithmic scale, and more…

All these enhancements help to streamline your analysis process and let you focus on your work, not worry about how to use the software.

Copy & Paste Data into Other Programs

We’ve added the ability to copy and paste data, so you can export data into MS Excel (or other programs) almost instantaneously.

Don’t break your concentration with a tedious and awkward export process – just copy, paste and keep working on your analysis.

Save and Share

By adopting an approach similar to what you’re used to with MS Excel, we’ve enabled you to save your graphs to a file to open again later or share with others in your organisation. Each file can save a collection of graphs, with each graph running in its own tab.

Save yourself time by reusing the graphs you’ve already made, and keep building on past analysis to gain more insights. Share your files with other NEM-Reviewers and get more people in your organization understanding and working on your analysis.

Tips on How to Get the Most out of NEM-Review

We’ve expanded this online portal for NEM-Review 6 to include more helpful information on how you can get the most value from your licence to NEM-Review.

Over the coming weeks we will continue to add new content highlighting some other benefits of NEM-Review that you may not have thought of, and specific step-by-step instructions for how to use the software to gain these benefits for yourself.

We’ve also added this News section as a single source to keep you updated on new developments that will help NEM-Review users. You can even subscribe to it via RSS.

Licences for Any Number of Users

We’ve changed the way you purchase NEM-Review licences, so you can set up a solution that suits your organisation. As the Analysis Client and Updater are now two separate software components, the licences are now sold separately as well.

Licences to the NEM-Review Analysis Client can be bought in packs of 1, 5 or 20 users for both Bronze and Silver models.

As Updater licences are separate, you can buy just 1 Updater to provide data to any number of Analysis Clients on your network, or you can buy 2 and use one as a backup. It’s entirely up to you, and it doesn’t matter what model you have (except that you’ll need a Bronze Updater to work with a Bronze Analysis Client).

See more detail about the new licences.

Regular Reports

With NEM-Review 6 you’ll continue to receive regular NEM-Reports to keep you on top of what’s going on in the NEM.

Bronze Model

  • 1 user subscription to the Week-To-Yesterday report
    (what’s happened in the NEM over the previous week)
Silver Model

  • Unlimited users for the Week to Yesterday report
  • Unlimited users for the Monthly Generator report
    (information on production, spot revenue, resource usage, and emissions)
  • Unlimited users for the NEM to Date report
    (trends from the beginning of the NEM up to the current month)

Existing NEM-Review Users

We’ll be switching off all previous versions of NEM-Review, v5 and v6.1.x, on August 31st. To upgrade to NEM-Review 6.2.0 before this date, follow these instructions to upgrade from v5 or these instructions to upgrade from v6.1.x.

Not Yet Using NEM-Review?

To see NEM-Review 6 in action for yourself, start a free 7-day trial of NEM-Review.

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