NEM-Review 6.2.1 is here

In mid-July we released v6.2.0 of NEM-Review (the stable release of v6).

All of our current NEM-Review clients were upgraded to v6 at no charge, as part of their annual licence to the software.

As such, our clients are now enjoying the numerous enhancements in NEM-Review v6.

In every-day use of the software here at global-roam and at other companies, several issues have been uncovered. We’ve fixed the most obtrusive of these and released them now in v6.2.1.

What’s new in v6.2.1?

  • Added the ability to use a local database for trials (no need to open port 1433 to use the Web Database)
  • Added the regional intermittent generation data set back in to the Bronze model
  • Added the ability to right click and copygraph as an image
  • Added the ability to right click and copy selected data from a table
  • Fixed the date selector so the “to” and “from” dates do not change unexpectedly
  • Fixed data series names so that column headings in csv files display correctly
  • Fixed the ability to query specific times within a day
  • Fixed date issues occurring for non-Australian timezones
  • Fixed regional utilisation queries so NEM-Review does not abort when selecting null data
  • Fixed various other minor bugs

How to Upgrade to v6.2.1?

It’s free to upgrade to v6.2.1 as part of your current NEM-Review licence, and should take 5-15 minutes, depending on your current version of NEM-Review.

Click the link below for your current version of NEM-Review for instructions on how to upgrade to NEM-Review v6.2.1. If you’re unsure of your version, open NEM-Review and look in the title bar in the top left corner.

Upgrade from v6.2.0

Upgrade from v6.1.x

Upgrade from v5

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