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Four Ways in which we’ve Improved the Data in v6

Monday, July 12th, 2010

NEM-Review has been used by clients in the NEM since as early as 2001.

Over the 10 years since NEM-Review was first introduced, the NEM has developed significantly – and the needs of our clients with respect to the NEM has developed significantly as well.  Hence, with v6, we have invested many person-weeks of time in a “Data Cleansing” process designed to ensure that NEM-Review 6 is keeping pace with the times.

This Data Cleansing process has been designed to deliver added value in four ways:

  1. We have updated a number of factors associated at a Station or Unit level
  2. We have filled a small number of gaps in the data that had inadvertently slipped through the update process
  3. We have, in a small number of cases, corrected data
  4. We have implemented a framework for testing coded calculations.

In this post we will explain each in turn:

The Iterative Development of NEM-Review 6

Monday, July 5th, 2010

NEM-Review 6 is finally released!

In 2008 we began the process of developing NEM-Review 6. This was a substantial upgrade from NEM-Review 5, redesigned from the ground up and built on a new, more powerful framework.

We adopted an iterative approach to developing v6. Every 1-2 months a new version (6.x.x) was released with new features, ready to be tested. This allowed NEM-Review users to try out the new software and give us their feedback so we could make any changes needed straight away.

The result is a new version of NEM-Review that works the way our users want it to work.